Transfer Pricing

Cross border transaction between two related parties is subject to transfer pricing provisions in India. Over the years, Transfer pricing regulations are becoming increasingly complex. The last several years witnessed substantial litigation on Transfer Pricing related issued. Further, with the advent of Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS), the complexity of Transfer pricing would further enhance. Given this, it is imperative for businesses today to align their related party transactions with acceptable Transfer Pricing policies.

We understand the complexity of transfer pricing and with our rich experience and global reach, we provide end to end transfer pricing services to our clients. Our experienced team and network partners also provide assistance in strategizing the Advance Pricing Arrangements (APA), identifying the right approach for proposing the pricing for related party transactions acceptable to the regulators, appropriate presentation of the application and representation of matter before relevant APA authorities. The services may broadly be classified as:

  • Designing a Transfer Pricing Strategy for new entities
  • Preparation and Review of Transfer Pricing Documentation;
  • Transfer Pricing Planning;
  • Filing of the audit report with Tax authorities;
  • Litigation support;
  • Advance Pricing Arrangements.