Start-Up Advisory Services

Turning a raw but solid idea into a well-structured commercial plan requires a number of essential procedures that not all business owners are aware of. For entrepreneurs who do have a fair bit of company setup know-how, having to juggle between structuring and running the business may turn out to be a hectic task that affects one’s efficiency and profit in the long run.

We do much more than providing you with a set of services that will help you get your business on track. Krishna R acts as a mentor that relieves you of the stress of structuring your business on your own and partners up with you on a long term period to ensure the sustainability of your project. Krishna R provides the best in terms of expertise and assistance that saves both time and money. Our experts possess immense knowledge; experience and enthusiasm to help the start-ups in:

  • Business Valuation
  • Fund Raising
  • Start-up recognition
  • Availing tax exemptions

Recognition of start-up under the Start-up India scheme is handled by our team end to end, from the preparation of a proposal to final presentation to government authorities.