Goods and Service Tax (GST)

With its implementation in India from 1.7.2017, GST has brought about a transformation in the way of doing business; providing opportunities for structured businesses to optimize tax and costs. It has thrown up challenges as well for the business as the law is comparatively new and a lot of amendments are being introduced, at a rapid pace.

Our experience of over 25 years in previous indirect taxation law and our extensive research in the GST domain prepare us to understand GST implementation qualifying us to be your ideal partner in ensuring compliance with GST law and other value-added support services.

Our Service includes:

Review Services: A system for better management opportunities & potential areas of contention requiring remedial actions.

Statutory audit: Providing a fair & accurate representation of clients’ financial position by all bookkeeping records & financial transactions.

Compliance & System Setting support: Offering high-quality, flexible and cost-effective solutions in tax compliance tailored to client’s needs.

Refund Services: Advising clients, filing of necessary documentation & follow up with the department to ensure that clients get a refund.

Advisory & Consultancy: Transforming our expertise to client benefit by offering pragmatic & workable solutions in complex tax environments.

Representation & Legal Support: Representing complex cases before departmental and appealable authorities by the team of experts.