Expatriate Taxation

With a more globalized economy and technical advancements, India has observed a substantial increase in the number of foreign nationals (expatriates) employed with multinational corporates coming to India for short/long-term assignments. This necessitates adequate preparation of the tax and regulatory framework of the country by such corporates and their employees. Krishna R aims in helping the corporates and employees through a set of services comprising:

  • Review of Indian assignment and strategizing a tax effecting plan;
  • Assistance in reviewing employment contracts from tax and regulatory perspective
  • Assistance in addressing Indian tax issues keeping in view the prevailing tax laws
  • Analyzing tax equalization agreements between the employees and the employer from tax and regulatory perspective
  • Analyzing taxation of income in the home and host country and advise on the tax impact of the same
  • Advising on exemptions and tax credit mechanism to determine that income is not doubly taxed under different jurisdictions or appropriate credit for foreign taxes is claimed
  • Determine the taxability of employer’s and employee’s contributions to various social security schemes during the Indian assignment.
  • Handhold the expatriate and their employer for compliance requirements from the time of their entry to departure from India including tax registration, deregistration, filings, etc